Why a Wooden Conservatory Could Work Wonders for Your Home

If you want to invest in a conservatory then your main concern will probably be the extra room it’ll make. But a conservatory won’t just provide space to use throughout the year, it’ll also lend charm to your property, both inside and out.

With lots of conservatory styles available, it’s clear that different designs suit different properties. For this reason, it’s crucial to think carefully about all of your options to be sure you pick the right look.

uPVC conservatories are constantly popular, particularly because of their cost. They’re by far the least expensive option around and are very low maintenance.

However other property owners like the appearance and appeal of a wooden conservatory. They’re not excessively pricey and look great, especially on older properties.

Wooden conservatory benefits

By selecting a wooden conservatory you’ll quickly enhance the character of your home and add a beauty that improves both the outside and inside.

Wooden conservatories are pleasing on the eye and with an attractive surface, are unrivalled in visual terms. You’ll have this long-lasting appeal for years. Plus nowadays, wooden conservatories need considerably less maintenance than they did before.

Kinds of wooden conservatory frames

Many property owners appear to pull back from wooden or timber conservatories because they’re scared that they’ll be too pricey. But this is no longer the case. Of course, some woods will be more pricey than others. But do not assume you’ll have poor quality with a cheaper wood.

A few of your wood choices include:

Idigbo: This West African wood looks similar to oak but is far more affordable. Idigbo is also lighter and lasts longer, and in the UK is the most common conservatory timber.

Luan: Generally this is viewed as an affordable alternative to pine and comes from the Philippines. Since it’s a plentiful wood it’s readily available at a relatively low cost. It will also last well for over twenty years.

Brazilian cedar: This wood works as an alternative to mahogany, so you can get a gorgeous dark wood for your money. It’s a low-cost choice and ideal for conservatories.

Maintaining your wooden conservatory

Timber has been used in the building market for countless years and it’s easy to see why. Doors, windows and conservatories all gain from wood due to its resilience, resistance and visual appeal.

The bright side is that wood doesn’t need the level of maintenance that you’d anticipate. However, it’s important to treat it every couple of years. This will keep the wooden frames in prime condition and guarantee they look excellent.

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