How much is a Victorian conservatory?

It’s fair to say that Victorian conservatories are the most popular design in the industry with their pitched rooftops and ornate detailing. They provide a beautiful sense of style and sophistication that’s unmatched with any other design.

The Victorian conservatory is both attractive and practical in offering plenty of extra space in the home. There are also a range of sizes to choose from and a variety of materials to pick in order to create your perfect conservatory.

Fortunately you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount on a Victorian conservatory either and there’s enough to play with so you benefit from adding a wealth of value to the home. Obviously ensure getting a number of quotes for the Victorian conservatory though to ensure the best prices and a great deal.

What is a Victorian conservatory?

Conservatories really became a British phenomenon during the Victorian period, mainly as a way of keeping and cultivating exotic plants. At the time they weren’t generally used to create extra living space and their large glass panes were perfect to provide plants with natural sunlight.

This same style and appeal has lasted to modern day. The main reason is because it’s so in keeping with the design of many homes and fits in perfectly. With pitched roofs and octagonal bay windows, the Victorian conservatory blends seamlessly with urban and rural properties.

How much does a Victorian conservatory cost?

As with any conservatory you might consider, the cost is going to vary considerably depending on your budget. Obviously conservatories range in size and this is going to be a major factor in determining your final outlay.

If you live in a Conservation Area or listed building then the chances are you’ll need a hardwood frame conservatory in order for it to blend with your property. Hardwood does bring up your final cost though, as does aluminium which is typically the most expensive frame material.

If you want to keep your costs down then a uPVC conservatory is the best way forward. This cheaper material doesn’t lack in quality either and you’ll have a beautiful finish that’ll last years.

With a Victorian conservatory, expect to spend anywhere from £225 to £3,000 per metre squared. A smaller conservatory made from uPVC will see you spending under £6,000, whilst the most expensive and lavish designs can be upward of £35,000. It all comes down to your budget and preferences.

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