The benefits of a uPVC conservatory


A conservatory is a major investment and it’s not just the design that you’ll need to get right. There are three popular materials used in the construction; aluminium, hardwood and uPVC. This page will discuss uPVC and why it is the nation’s favourite material.

uPVC conservatory benefits

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is the UK’s most popular conservatory material. You could see the product written as PVCu or PVC-U, but it’s all the same and means the plastic hasn’t been soften with chemicals.

uPVC conservatory
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Considering 50% of PVC is used around the world in the construction industry, this must suggest something about its quality and how much it’s rated by experts in the industry.

uPVC is typically used in the windows, doors and conservatory markets for its look, hardwearing properties and ease of maintenance. On top of this, it’s cheaper to have installed than both aluminium and hardwood constructions.

Throughout the manufacture of uPVC frames, stabilisers and additives are added to the structure. This will improve longevity and enhance resistance to changing weather conditions. This also protects the product from the sun’s UV rays and gives it the white finish you see.

The strength of the frames can be structured to meet your needs too. Essentially the stronger you need the frame, the thicker the material will be. To enhance the strength further, aluminium or galvanised steel can be added to improve load bearing properties.

With uPVC products it’s important to ensure the British Standard mark is present. BSEN 12608 shows that the product meets high standards.

In modern construction, uPVC installations don’t need to have the bright white finish typically seen. There are now the possibilities of having a range of colours such as grey, brown, black, green and yellow.

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The most popular by far is woodgrain effects. This gives homes the visual appeal of a wooden conservatory, without the associated expense of the real deal. uPVC is much cheaper and great for those on a budget.

Of course, white is still a popular option but for those looking to set their home apart from the crowd and benefit from something a little different, the choice is there.

If you’re considering an alternative colour, speak to your contractor and discuss the options available whilst getting advice on what would work well with your property.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Extending your home with a conservatory or orangery will add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.
  • An extension is preferred to moving home, because of the cost of estate agents fees, solicitor payments and stamp duty.
  • With dozens of styles and designs you can set your home apart from the crowd with a stunning conservatory.

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