How to Turn Your Conservatory into an All-Season Space

Building a conservatory can be a great way to increase the living space in your home. But many homeowners frequently come up against problems that stop them using their conservatory as an all-season space.

We think that you deserve to enjoy your home and make the most out of your conservatory all year round. So we’ve come up with some solutions to 3 of the most common problems that could stop your conservatory being an all-season space.

Problem 1: My conservatory’s too hot in the summer

One common problem that stops people using their conservatories all year round is that they get too hot in the summer. Even with all the windows and doors open, conservatories can just get too hot and stuffy to sit in when temperatures reach a certain point.


There are a couple of things you can do to solve this problem. If you want to keep your costs relatively low, try investing in some blinds. These will reduce the amount of sunlight that gets into your conservatory and stop it getting quite so hot and stuffy.

If you’re happy to invest a bit more, another solution is to install a solid conservatory roof. These are much more insulated than conventional roofs and let in considerably less sunlight. This will help you reduce the temperature in your conservatory and make it much more comfortable.

Problem 2: My conservatory’s too cold in the winter

Another common conservatory problem is that they get too cold in the winter.

Many people completely write off their conservatory as a living space over winter, which can massively restrict how much space they have in their home.


There are several ways to combat a chilly conservatory. Fitting insulated blinds is a great start – they’ll reduce drafts and help to keep the cold air out. Plus, they’re useful all year round if your conservatory gets too hot in the summer too.

Another solution is to improve your conservatory’s heating. If it doesn’t have any, consider getting underfloor heating or radiators installed. If this sounds like too much hassle or expense to you, try getting some electric portable heaters instead. These can put up your heating bills a bit, but could well be worth it if they turn your conservatory into an all-season space.

Fitting a solid conservatory roof is another solution for this problem too. The additional insulation that a solid roof provides will reduce the amount of warm air that escapes from your conservatory and help to keep it comfortable for longer.

Problem 3: My conservatory’s too noisy in bad weather

Bad weather can also be something that stops your conservatory becoming an all-season space. Rain and hail drumming on your conservatory windows can be really noisy and stop you using the space at certain times of the year.


There are a couple of ways to combat a noisy conservatory problem. Try fitting your conservatory with thick, fabric blinds and decorating it with rugs and soft furnishings. These will all absorb sound and help to make the space quieter when the weather’s doing its worst.

You could also (yes, you’ve guessed it) install a solid conservatory roof to help alleviate the problem. Solid roofs insulate against sound as well as heat, so will reduce the amount of noise that rain and hail makes when it hits your roof.

These solutions should help you adapt your conservatory to maximise its value and turn it into an all-season living space. Got any useful tips of your own you want to share? Tweet us @quotatis.

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