Tips to heat your conservatory in the winter


The conservatory is largely made up of glass. This has the wonderful benefits of allowing plenty of natural light in and giving you the chance to look out over your garden when relaxing.

However, the amount of glass can have its drawbacks too. Mainly because a lot of heat will be lost through the panes.

So to ensure your conservatory can still be used in the winter months it’s important to ensure you have adequate heating.

So let’s take a look at the options at your disposal:

Energy saving blinds

Curtains have never really cut it in the conservatory, with homeowners instead opting for fashionable, sleek and sophisticated blinds. So when you invest in your own conservatory blinds, make sure they have the energy efficiency standards you need.

With the right window blinds you can save hundreds of pounds on your heating be retaining up to 46% extra warmth in the conservatory.

And it’s not just for their heat retaining properties you should be considering blinds. With window blinds you can easily control your privacy, whilst blocking out the sun’s glare, giving you a relaxing environment throughout the year.

Separate the conservatory

Conservatories tend to be built at the back of the home, connecting to another room and leading onto the garden. By zoning off the conservatory though with an efficient door, you’ll cut the amount of space which needs to be kept heated. This means it’ll be quicker and more efficient to heat your conservatory, without wasting any of the warmth on areas you’re not using.

Underfloor heating

Of course, radiators remain the traditional way of heating the home and your conservatory may already have these installed. For those conservatories which don’t or where radiators wouldn’t really be an option, then we certainly recommend underfloor heating.

First of all, underfloor heating isn’t viable with wooden or laminated flooring because the heat can warp the wood, but if you have a tiled conservatory floor then you’re onto a winner. Obviously if you have tiled flooring you’ll know it can be rather cold, which is why underfloor heating works a treat.

A pipe system is installed beneath the floor which can be controlled with settings on a remote or fixed to the wall. As heat naturally rises, underfloor heating comfortably heats the whole conservatory from the ground up at an even distribution.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Experts say a conservatory will add over £9,000 to the value of your home, which is perfect in the current housing market.
  • With a conservatory you can have the extra space your family needs, without spending thousands of pounds on moving home.
  • There are a range of stunning designs and styles available for your dream conservatory, from traditional to contemporary appeals.
  • Conservatory window blinds will reduce your heating bills by up to 25%, retaining 46% extra warmth in the home.

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