Sun rooms door choices


When it comes to your sun rooms, the door is a very important feature. You want to ensure not to slack on security, whilst maintaining the aesthetically pleasing appeal of your new conservatory.

There are three main options to consider when it comes to choosing the right door for your conservatory; bifolding, French and patio.

Bifolding doors

Bifolding doors offer the most when space is limited, or you want to create extra room in the sun rooms. Otherwise known simply as folding doors, they can fold inwards or outwards to open up space in the room.

Because they fold neatly to one side, bifolding doors have the benefit of bringing the outside in, which is fantastic for the summer months. They can be custom styled to match any conservatory with excellent flexibility and are very easy to operate.

By taking bifolding doors that are covered by British Standards, you can enjoy all the perks of good weather resistance, insulation and security.

Whilst bifolding doors tend to have two panels which are split in the middle to open up space, it’s possible to have four doors so two will fold to each side.

With the opportunity to have the bifolding doors partially or fully opened, you have the ultimate choice in how much space and light your conservatory has.

By taking bifolding doors you’ll also have a decision to make in the colour and material used for your style. With a variety of looks you’ll be able to find something unique that compliments your home.

Remember, if you use bifolding doors for your sun rooms, ensure to have the glass toughened or laminated. This will protect you against accidents and injury, as well as ensuring the upmost security.

French doors

If you’re looking for something that’s functional with a fantastic aesthetic appeal, then take French doors into consideration for your conservatory. With French doors installed there are a range of brilliant benefits.

Because they’re primarily made from glass, French doors allow in plenty of natural light and can even be left open all day in the summer months to let clean air circulate the conservatory. Homeowners tend to choose French doors when stepping out onto a tiled or patio area.

With their stylish look, French doors have an unrivalled appeal and will allow light and warmth into your home all year round. Even in the winter you can enjoy the outside and energy efficient panes will keep the cold out too.

And French doors don’t skimp on security either, giving you all the protection your home requires. With reinforced thick frames and the latest locking mechanisms, you can have peace of mind and not worry when you’re out of the house.

With uPVC French doors there’s also the added bonus of built-in impact resistant webbing. This adds to the security and keeps the doors looking great over the years. uPVC is a proven construction material, suitable for windows and doors because of its excellent durability.

Patio doors

With patio doors attached to your sun rooms you have an excellent access straight into the garden and the sliding feature opens up plenty of room. On top of this, the large glass panes allow in a wealth of natural light.

Sliding patio doors have two large panes, with one sliding behind the other to give access to the garden. There are also styles similar to French doors, whereby one of the doors would open outwards.

If you want to have patio doors installed in your property it’s very worthwhile making your decision early on. Because of their size, a large space would have to be cut out of the exterior wall otherwise.

Even replacing your existing patio doors is a task best left to professionals. Their size and weight make them a tricky unit to install.

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