Why it May be Time to Put a Roof on your Conservatory

Conservatories have been popular for so many years now that you see them everywhere. They are the perfect space for relaxing with your family, whether it’s around the television or the dining table.

But the one problem that homeowners often face is that they can get cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

It’s likely that you’re having this problem if you’ve got a conservatory. So how can you solve this problem? The answer could be to put a solid roof on it.

Why a solid conservatory roof?

Putting a solid roof on your conservatory helps increase the thermal efficiency of your space. Although they look great, the nature of the large panes of glass in conservatories mean that they lose heat very quickly. And in the summer, they get too hot when the sun is streaming in.

A solid conservatory roof makes it much more pleasant to use your conservatory all year round. During the winter months, you’ll notice the difference in warmth, whereas in the summer the roof will reflect the heat so you stay cool.

How long does it take to install?

If you use a reputable solid conservatory roof company, you can have a beautiful new roof on your conservatory within a couple of days. In just a few hours, the installers can have the exterior of the roof up and water tight.

Make your conservatory more attractive

After a few years, traditional conservatory roofs start looking old, dirty and tired. Whether you need the solid roof to allow you to use the space all year round, consider getting a solid roof on your conservatory to help bring it back to life and keep it looking fresher for longer.

Solid conservatory roofs are much easier to clean than traditional roofs and require far less maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, they can look great and turn your conservatory into a stylish looking glazed extension.

Whether you want a solid conservatory roof for its thermal efficiency benefits or just to update your conservatory, ensure that you get up to 4 quotes from reputable companies so you get the best price.

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Emily Rivers

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