How to Care for your Conservatory

Conservatories are pretty low-maintenance, but there are some things you should do to keep it in tip-top condition. As long as you follow advice from the manufacturer and use our basic tips listed here, your conservatory should last for many years to come.

Weather seals

Your weather seals are possibly the most important thing to maintain on your conservatory. When you’re cleaning, make sure your weather seals are in place and aren’t damaged. Slide them back into place if they have moved, and if any of the seals are broken, make sure you call a conservatory company to get these replaced.


Fans are a great way to keep your environment cool in the summer when you’re using your conservatory the most. You can even use a fan that has a reverse facility so you can keep warm in the winter. But to ensure you don’t damage your conservatory, you must ensure that you install your fan at the right height. Make sure you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but as a general rule, fans must have a minimum clearance of 180mm between the fan blade tips and any obstructions. The blades must also be no closer than 2300mm from the finished floor level.


Ventilation in your conservatory is important to minimise condensation, which can lead to mould in corners of windows and other places. Trickle vents, roof vents, and keeping windows and doors open occasionally can help, but make sure you keep your conservatory secure too.


Heating is another way you can keep condensation to a minimum in your conservatory. If you do get condensation, the conservatory should be kept slightly warmer. Heaters work best when they are mounted on dwarf walls beneath window units.


Blinds can help provide shade and privacy, but they must be installed safely to ensure there is no damage to the conservatory. You should never fit blinds covering multiple roof panes with one blind across the inside of the glazing bars. This would trap heat between the blinds and the glass and could cause damage and discolouration to the roof members.

As long as you care for your conservatory well and don’t install blinds or fans incorrectly, you should be able to enjoy your conservatory throughout all seasons. If you do have any problems, make sure you get them repaired by a conservatory company before they get any worse.

How to Care for your Conservatory
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