How much value will a conservatory add to my home?

There are many benefits for investing in a conservatory and it’s no surprise thousands are installed every single year. One of these key benefits is the extra space you’ll be able to enjoy for whatever reason you want.

Essentially you’ll get an extra room in your home for a fraction of the price of relocating and nowadays you won’t need to worry about planning permission either (so long as you don’t live in a listed building).

However, it’s not just the space that makes a conservatory worthwhile. In fact, there are many other brilliant reasons to invest.

Versatile extension

It’s perhaps the versatility of conservatories that makes them such a popular feature in British homes.

Essentially, whatever you need in the home, a conservatory can fill that void. For instance, many homeowners look to create a dining area, for breakfast or even a main dinner.

Others prefer the conservatory to be a relaxing living area. With the right insulation and heating you can use your conservatory throughout the winter and have a cosy set-up for the evenings.

Others even look to the conservatory as a garden room or playroom. If you work from home a lot, an office is another excellent idea.

Adding value

Of course, whilst this extra space is a fantastic asset, it’s not the only reason to consider an investment.

Another superb benefit is the thousands of pounds you’ll add to the value of your home. When you consider that a conservatory is comparably cheap to moving home, you have a cost effective solution to generating extra space. A conservatory is certainly more cost effective than an extension or conversion.

As you won’t require planning permission in most cases, there’s little hassle that comes with a conservatory either. Instead you’ll be able to add thousands of pounds to the value of your home according to recent surveys and even make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

With double glazing used throughout the conservatory as well, energy saving is something you’ll enjoy. You won’t have to worry about energy bills soaring and can relax in comfort no matter the time of year.

Attractive to future buyers

As with any investment you make into your home, not only do you want to consider the present, but also think about what the future holds. And it’s easy to see that a conservatory is very appealing to any potential buyers when you come to sell-up later down the line.

Think about it from your own point of view, if you were looking for a new home. You find two homes you really like of similar sizes. One has a conservatory and one doesn’t. Which is the one you’d favour? The chances are it’s the one with the conservatory.

Estate agents also believe that if your conservatory costs less than £15,000 to install; it can make up double that value on the housing market. That’s just another fantastic reason why a conservatory is perfect for your home.

Tom Crosswell

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