Conservatory made comfortable in summer - Conservatory insulation

Conservatory Insulation Ideas

Conservatory insulation example
Conservatory insulation example

A conservatory can be a great way to increase the living space in your home and have somewhere beautiful to relax in. But problems, like insulation, stop many homeowners from using their conservatory as an all-season space.

We think that you deserve to enjoy your home and make the most out of your conservatory all year round. So we’ve come up with some solutions and advice on common problems that could stop you enjoying the full potential of your conservatory come rain or sunshine.

Building a conservatory: DIY versus professional contractors

Conservatory made comfortable in summer - Conservatory insulation
Conservatory made comfortable in summer – Conservatory insulation

You can build this special extension with your own two hands, but sometimes tradespeople are the safest option. And when it comes to conservatory insulation you want to get it right. It’s not just a matter of measurements and building regulations. Each space may require a different construction and an individualised approach when insulating the roof, floors or windows.

Insulated Conservatory Cost

Whether you prefer DIY or hiring a reliable tradesperson, there’s a cost-effective way to build and upgrade your conservatory. The more research done on your part, the better opportunities you’ll find. Here’s a rough estimate of how much each project can cost.

A professional uPVC conservatory installation, which would include all necessary supplies too, can cost between £5,000 and £10,000 for a basic design. Quotes for more luxurious uPVC constructions can reach £15,000, far below the price of a high-end conservatory. The expense may exceed your budget, but a well-vetted professional will take all the building weight off your shoulders.

DIY construction of a conservatory is less expensive and can be a fun project for you and your family. But make sure you plan the design carefully. A simpler solution is buying a fully equipped conservatory kit, prices ranging from around £2,000-£4000. With the proper tools and knowledge, you can build the perfect extension to your home.

If all you want is to replace the glass roof with a solid one, for example, the same advice applies: tradespeople are the safest bet, but you can do just as good a job with precise planning. Costs start at around £3,500, depending on how complicated the project is.

How to insulate a conservatory in the summer?

Sunlit blinds - Conservatory insulation
Sunlit blinds – Conservatory insulation

One common problem that stops people using their conservatories all year round is that they get too hot in the summer. Even with all the windows and doors open, conservatories can just get too hot and stuffy to sit in when temperatures reach a certain point.


There are a couple of things you can do to keep your conservatory cool. The most common problems involve glass and polycarbonate surfaces. They’re not the most effective insulation and are sometimes framed incorrectly.

  • Invest in blinds. Perfect for keeping your costs relatively low when insulating the room against heat. These will reduce the amount of sunlight that gets into your conservatory and stop it getting quite so hot and stuffy.
  • Try bubble wrap. It’s a cheap and popular trick that can be used in several clever ways. Add it to windows, walls or the roof to trap heat and help manage the rise and fall of temperatures in your conservatory.
  • Foil quilts are a final handy resource available at your local DIY store. These can go on your conservatory roof or floor and have the same, if not better, effect as bubble wrap. Enjoy the sun’s light shining through the windows without its heat driving you out of your favourite space.
  • Install a solid conservatory roof. If you’re happy to invest a bit more, this is the best defense against heat. It’s much more insulated than conventional glass or polycarbonate roofs and lets in considerably less sunlight. This will help you reduce the temperature in your conservatory and make it much more comfortable.

How to insulate a conservatory in the winter?

Cosy heater - Conservatory insulation
Cosy heater – Conservatory insulation

Another common conservatory problem is that they get too cold, usually because of exposed windows or insufficient insulation. Instead of completely writing off the space over winter, take matters into your own hands – or hire a professional – to keep as much warmth as possible inside your conservatory.

This will not only make the room more comfortable to sit in, but it’ll reduce heating costs too. Be careful, however, when trying the solutions below. Condensation can become as big of a problem as the weather.


  • Insulated blinds or thermal curtains should be the first resource to turn to in winter too. Since windows are one of the top reasons for a chilly conservatory, they should be dealt with them first. Blinds and curtains reduce drafts and help to keep the cold air out. Specifically, cellular or honeycomb blinds are a great innovation to try.
  • Filler strips are another simple DIY solution to fill gaps in windows. This can be included in your cheap purchases from a local store. But remember that air should still be allowed through the windows to prevent condensation.
  • Improve heating in the conservatory. If it doesn’t have any, consider getting underfloor heating or radiators installed. Don’t forget about the bubble wrap and foil ideas. Too much hassle or expense? Try getting some electric portable heaters instead. These solutions can put up your heating bills a bit, but they’d be well worth the investment it if they turn your conservatory into an all-season space.
  • A proper roof is still the most all-round effective method of conservatory insulation. It reduces the amount of warm air that escapes the room and helps keep it comfortable for longer.

How to reduce rain noise on conservatory roofs and windows?

Stylish conservatory insulation
Stylish conservatory insulation

Bad weather can also be something that stops your conservatory becoming an all-season space. Insulation can drown out the drumming of rain and hail on your conservatory. Find out just how calming that space can be with these simple ideas.


There are a couple of ways to combat a noisy conservatory problem. Try fitting it with thick, fabric blinds and decorating it with rugs and soft furnishings. These will all absorb sound and help to make the space quieter when the weather’s doing its worst.

Once again, a solid roof is better than glass. Its composition reduces the noise from even the heavier downpour from reaching the conservatory interior. At the same time, no extreme heat or cold will interfere with your enjoyment of the room.

These solutions should help with your conservatory insulation. Adapt your space to maximise its value and turn it into an all-season living space. Got any useful tips of your own you want to share? Tweet us @Quotatis.

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