5 Ways to Give Your Conservatory a Fresh New Look

If you want to revamp your conservatory, pulling it down and building a new one isn’t the only answer. There are plenty of times when changing a few design details is all you need to do to give your conservatory a fresh new look.

Here are 5 of our favourite ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Create a cosy nook

If you fancy a change, why not transform your conservatory into a cosy corner to read and relax in? This is a particularly great way to use your conservatory in the winter when you’ll probably want somewhere to curl up when it’s dark outside.

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Use soft furnishings and lighting to create a cosy vibe in your conservatory. Comfy seating is a must – perhaps a corner sofa or a couple of big, squashy armchairs. Make sure you’ve got plenty of cushions and rugs and invest in a couple of lamps. These will help to create a relaxed atmosphere but still give you enough light to read.

2. Make a new dining room

A conservatory can also make a great dining room. It’s the ideal place to soak up the sun while you’re eating, both in winter and summer. It’s also a great alternative to sitting outside if it’s too chilly or you want to avoid bugs and flies.

If you want to turn your conservatory into a dining room, it’s important to get the right table. You don’t want anything too big – if you can’t move around the room then it’s not the best use of your space. But you also don’t want anything too small, otherwise you won’t be able to get big groups of people round it. If you want to keep your conservatory flexible, consider getting an extendable or foldup table.

3. Get statement seating

Another way to give your conservatory a new look is to get statement seating. This could be a cosy pod, a swing or wall seating. This is a great way to create a new focal point in your conservatory and can give the impression that you’ve changed a lot more than you actually have.

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New seating can also change how you use a space, which is great if you want to switch things up a bit.

4. Create an inside garden

You can also revamp your conservatory by turning it into an inside garden. Putting potted plants, vases of flowers and hanging baskets in your conservatory is a great way to give it a fresh new feel. It’ll also improve your conservatory’s air quality and make it a more relaxing space.

If you’re not feeling green-fingered, there are other ways to bring nature into your conservatory. Invest in furniture and fittings made from natural materials like wood and clay. Also, go for natural shades like browns and greens. You won’t have to do much to give your room a completely different vibe.

5. Make your windows a feature

The main difference between your conservatory and the rest of the rooms in your house is the amount of glazing it has. Make the most of this by turning your conservatory windows into a feature. Get some eye-catching blinds with bold patterns or colours, or paint your frames if possible. This will change the dynamics of your conservatory and give it an original new look.

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