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The housing market has stunted in recent years, with more people opting to stay put and improve their home rather than spend thousands of pounds relocating. With this changing trend, conservatories have become popular because of the chance to extend the home with a range of styles and conservatory designs available.

With the conservatory designs, specifications will differ from property to property, depending on how large you want the extension, the space available, your budget and your home. Get the best price available on the market by comparing quotes from a number of specialist conservatory companies.

Conservatories require planning permission and need to adhere to Building Regulations too. A reputable and trustworthy contractor will have all the information you need and help you avoid any pitfalls with excellent advice.
If you’re considering extending your home with a conservatory, read more about the different styles available with our guide below.

Edwardian conservatories

Edwardian conservatory designs are one of the UK’s most popular styles on the market. With a look similar to other rooms in your home it’s the perfect way to extend your property.

Edwardian conservatory
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Edwardian conservatories have square fronted corners so there’s plenty of space for any furniture you wish to include in the room. With the strong bold lines and elegant appeal, this design has taken number one spot in the market.

With an Edwardian style conservatory you have the possibility of use the space for anything you wish, whether it be a dining room, living room, playroom or garden room. Because of this flexibility in choice you can ensure to have something that stands out from the crowd and boosts the appeal of your home.

The roof to your Edwardian conservatory also has the flexibility to be altered depending on your specifications. There are no limits to what can be achieved and this includes properties with height restrictions such as bungalows.

Victorian conservatories

For those seeking a more rounded style to their conservatory installation, the Victorian designs offer this in abundance. There’s a lot of choice with this design, from choosing how many facets you require to selecting equal sided or wide fronted styles.

Victorian conservatory
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Victorian conservatories tend to have an increased popularity because they can be modified to the exact specifications you want. This means you have complete control in how your money is being spent and will have a finish that looks fantastic and compliments your home. Throughout the design you can pick things such as the colour of the frame and position of the doors.

Enjoy your home more with a Victorian conservatory and avoid the hassle of moving home by creating extra space which can be used all year round.

Lean-to conservatories

For those with smaller properties and wishing to extend, the lean-to conservatory is the perfect solution. This design takes its name from the angled roof leaning up against the home.

Lean to conservatory
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One of the lean-to conservatory’s major benefits is that it’s cheaper than other styles available on the market. It’s often referred to by other names such as Mediterranean conservatory or sunroom.

Whilst the lean-to conservatory designs don’t have the same elegance you’d find in a Victorian or Edwardian style, it does allow homeowners to create extra space with a cheaper and simple style. It’s particular great if you have s smaller garden too.

Added benefits of the lean-to conservatory include the ability to change the roof’s pitch height depending on your requirements and there are a range of colours to choose from. You can also integrate patio or French doors into the design.

Gable front conservatories

The gable front conservatory has been designed from the popular Edwardian model and offers a stunning visual appeal with excellent space and height. For homeowners wishing to have an improved internal and external aesthetic appeal, the gable front is your answer.

Gable front conservatory
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With the gable design there’s an opportunity to create a spacious and classic appeal with two visual benefits; the excellent interior and the smooth and shiny exterior.

With the gable front conservatory you will have fantastic flexibility to choose exactly what you want, and everything can be adjusted from property to property. With a conservatory add over £9,000 to your home and avoid the hassle of relocating as a way to benefit from extra space.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Extending your home with a conservatory or orangery will add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.
  • An extension is preferred to moving home, because of the cost of estate agents fees, solicitor payments and stamp duty.
  • With dozens of styles and designs you can set your home apart from the crowd with a stunning conservatory.

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