Conservatory air con: Why it’s vital

A conservatory has many uses and homeowners invest in one for their own reasons. For some, it’s the appeal of making better use of their garden that puts a conservatory high on the list. With large glass panes you can bring in plenty of natural light and create an excellent transition between the inside and outside.

In the winter months you can enjoy a warm and cosy environment too as the latest in double glazing helps to retain more warmth inside.

But there is one aspect to a conservatory that people don’t consider. In the height of the summer, up to 30kW of heat can be let inside, creating an uncomfortable level of heat.

To counter the problem, conservatory ceiling fans are quite popular, but in reality they’re not helping to solve the issue. Instead, hot air is simply circulating the conservatory. Fortunately there is an alternative for you to consider; a conservatory air con unit.

The benefits of conservatory air con

In any part of your home that’s particular hot or humid, the best way to cool it down is with air conditioning. Of course, preferably you would open windows and doors but this isn’t always feasible.

Conservatory air con is perfect for those who want to enjoy a cool conservatory, but don’t want pollen or insects getting inside. Essentially, you can enjoy a light and airy conservatory no matter the time of year.

Most air con units aren’t a one trick pony either and with a simple switch you can heat your conservatory too. This is particularly useful in the winter months.

Wall mounted conservatory air con units are typically most popular and they’re fitted high up where you’ll see the most benefit. This is one reason that a conservatory air con unit is preferred to traditional radiators, which need to be sited near the ground.

With an air con unit you can enjoy your conservatory whatever the time of year and won’t have to worry about extreme temperatures ruining the environment.

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