Choosing conservatory blinds

Conservatory blinds bring style and sophistication to your installation, no matter if it’s a Victorian, Edwardian, bespoke or lean-to design. Blinds are a necessary feature for the conservatory, not only controlling the temperature but restricting glare too.

Without blinds you’ll notice how bright your conservatory can be, and elegant styles help to dapple the light and prevent the sun’s glare. On top of this, UV rays will be restricted too, which will reduce fading to your furniture and fabrics.

There are four popular types of conservatory blind, which are discussed below in more detail.

Original French Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds

The traditional conservatory blind fabric is the Original French Pinoleum. With these in place you can control the temperature of your conservatory whilst restricting glare from the sun. With the wooden weave Pinoleum blinds offer, you’ll have the optimum combination of aesthetic appeal, lightweight strength and shading.

Solar R Conservatory Blinds

When it comes to having a high performing conservatory blind to reflect the sun’s heat and light, Solar R blinds are unrivalled. In fact, with these modern conservatory blinds you’ll reflect 85% of the sun’s energy. Solar R blinds are easy to clean and need little maintenance. Whilst they reflect the sun’s glare, they provide plenty of light to allow plants to thrive.

Pleated Conservatory Blinds

For a neat and modern style that will match up with any home or conservatory, then don’t look any further than the pleated conservatory blinds. Whilst providing aesthetic appeal they’re also practical, reflecting up to 83% of heat. There’s plenty of choice too and pleated conservatory blinds have a range of 224 colours. On most occasions, these blinds have a five-year guarantee too.

Power Pleat™ remote control conservatory blinds

With remote control blinds you have the opportunity to open and close your blinds at the touch of a button, giving you great privacy and shade from the sun. And this is all possible from the comfort of your armchair. With a motorised device there’s no need for cords and rods and the system operates with complete safety. You can even pre-set the controls, so the blinds will automatically operate at certain times of the day too. Power pleat™ blinds offer the ultimate in ease and convenience whilst being affordable too.

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