Choose the best blinds for your conservatory

For many people, the conservatory is their favourite room in the home. It’s easy to see why as it’s often a bright, open space with plenty of sunlight coming in. However, controlling this sunlight is important especially in the summer months.

And this is where conservatory blinds come in. Conservatory blinds are the much preferred choice compared to curtains, providing privacy, light control and even offer energy saving benefits.

Many conservatories are stylish and sophisticated and blinds complement this fantastic appeal. They look great and are available in plenty of different colours to give you complete control of the finish.

But what else can you benefit from with conservatory blinds?

Energy saving

With a honeycomb design, conservatory blinds are able to trap heat and prevent it escaping or entering your home, depending on the time of year. In the winter you’ll stay warmer as heat is kept inside and will reduce bills by up to 25%. Then in summer you’ll remain cooler and avoid a hot, sticky atmosphere.

Light control

In the conservatory, light control is very important because there can be a lot of the sun’s glare filtering through. With blinds you can eliminate 99% of the sun’s glare, providing the perfect haven for peace and relaxation.


We always want to remain private in our homes and conservatory blinds give you this opportunity. Blinds can be fitted to both the windows and sloping roof to keep your home affairs private.

Sound absorption

Do you live near a main road? Are there ongoing road works nearby? Perhaps one of your neighbours is a little too gung-ho with the power drill? Whatever the noise outside, we don’t want it disturbing our peaceful environment. With conservatory blinds, 78% of sound will be absorbed, so it won’t affect you.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Experts say a conservatory will add over £9,000 to the value of your home, which is perfect in the current housing market.
  • With a conservatory you can have the extra space your family needs, without spending thousands of pounds on moving home.
  • There are a range of stunning designs and styles available for your dream conservatory, from traditional to contemporary appeals.
  • Conservatory blinds can help to reduce your heating bills by as much as 25%, locking more warmth in your home.
Choose the best blinds for your conservatory
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