Bespoke conservatories

For those looking to extend their home and benefit from extra space to use throughout the year, bespoke conservatories in the UK prove to be a very popular investment. The beauty of bespoke conservatories it that they can be designed to your requirements and you have the ultimate say in every aspect.

The different specifications you choose will add to the conservatory’s heat retention qualities, security and look, which is why bespoke conservatories are such a commonplace investment. Conservatory companies will often use another design as a starting point but it’s all in your hands.

So how do bespoke conservatories in the UK work? Factors you can choose include the size, style, material used, colour, window placement, roof type, doors and any other design feature. The good news is you don’t need to be an expert in design because the conservatory company you choose can help in every step of the process.

Bespoke conservatories are an alternative to the classic designs you may see such as Victorian, Edwardian, gable front and lean-to. Victorian conservatories in the UK are the most popular and many bespoke designs are custom-made from this.

Bespoke conservatory tips

Victorian conservatory
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With any conservatory a lot will come down to your budget. For example, those with less to spend can opt for uPVC as the manufacturing material, which is cheaper than other options and doesn’t skimp on quality either.

Thousands of conservatories in the UK are constructed with uPVC because of its durable and hardwearing properties, coupled with the fact it’s available in a range of colours.

More expensive options include hardwood and aluminium. For traditional looking properties hardwood is often the material of choice. It can cost up to three times more than uPVC but has a fantastic aesthetic appeal that is unrivalled.

With hardwood conservatories in the UK you have to be sure to carry out regular maintenance so the installation retains its original look for many years to come. Neglected wooden conservatories can rot or warp so be vigilant.

Bespoke conservatories give you the chance to create a unique look for your home and separate your property from other houses on your road. For a truly excellent finish be sure to consider all of your options and take the advice of a reputable conservatory company.

For the best bespoke conservatories prices make sure to compare quotes from as many as four contractors in your area.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Extending your home with a conservatory or orangery will add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.
  • An extension is preferred to moving home, because of the cost of estate agents fees, solicitor payments and stamp duty.
  • With dozens of styles and designs you can set your home apart from the crowd with a stunning conservatory.

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