Aluminium conservatories prices

Aluminium conservatories prices

With the conservatory there are three principle options for which material to use for the construction. This page will cover aluminium, analysing the strengths and benefits of this product in the conservatory market.

For homeowners wanting to have an attractive appeal and clean finish, aluminium could be the material for you.

Aluminium conservatories prices are typically more expensive than uPVC and hardwood, but this expense is backed up by excellent durability and weather resistance.

Aluminium conservatories tend to be easier to install and provide watertight protect for your extension. It’s valued higher than hardwood too with little maintenance needed, not suffering from rotting, warping or bowing problems.

As a strong option for the conservatory, the aluminium installation can support any strength of roof with the frames being adjusted during manufacture.

Aluminium conservatory benefits

Aluminium conservatories have their place in the market as a strong alternative. Of course, as a metal its strength will exceed that of both uPVC and hardwood, making the aluminium conservatories prices worthwhile.

Essentially, any extension will need both sturdiness and strength, making aluminium an ideal product for any conservatory. This strength is further needed in areas where the ground is unstable or soft with plenty of clay heave.

For instances where safety is of upmost important such as in commercial installations, an aluminium conservatory is popular too.

The material’s durability is yet another benefit and despite being exposed to weather elements for years, it resists rusting and won’t rot like wood. Aluminium won’t crack or crumble as uPVC can either.

Aluminium is also the chosen material for covering a swimming pool too as it provides more structural support for larger installations and can cope with the added moisture.

And an installation can be as versatile as you wish, with a range of opportunities to explore when considering an installation. Aluminium conservatories can be constructed to fit with any home, no matter the design you want.

Are aluminium conservatories environmentally friendly?

Something that you may not have been aware of is that aluminium is actually a very environmentally friendly material. It is made naturally and there is no risk of it running out.

Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, behind oxygen and silicon. On top of this it can be fully recycled without losing its fantastic qualities, so it’s a ‘green’ product with unlimited lifespan.

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Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Extending your home with a conservatory or orangery will add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.
  • An extension is preferred to moving home, because of the cost of estate agents fees, solicitor payments and stamp duty.
  • With dozens of styles and designs you can set your home apart from the crowd with a stunning conservatory.

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