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6 Top Tips for Making your Conservatory Comfortable this Summer

Building a conservatory can be a great, affordable way to add space to your home. But if you’ve abandoned yours because you don’t find your conservatory comfortable in summer, you’re not alone.

Due to their large amount of glazing, conservatories can easily get unbearably hot in warm weather. But don’t let this problem stop you making the most of your extra space.

How to make your conservatory comfortable this summer

There are several ways to improve the temperature of your conservatory when the weather’s warm. Reclaim your extra room with these 6 top tips for making your conservatory comfortable this summer.

1. Fit new blinds

An easy way to regulate your conservatory’s temperature is to invest in some new blinds. Using them to block sunlight out of the room will prevent it heating up as much, making it a more comfortable temperature. They can also make an attractive feature too – get some inspiration here.

If you’re worried about making your conservatory too dark, this can easily be avoided with the right type of blinds. Fitting multiple horizontal blinds like roller or Roman blinds in small sections gives you the flexibility to let light in whilst blocking out direct sunlight.

Make sure you get your blinds properly fitted to ensure they work as effectively as possible.

2. Open your windows

Another simple way to make you conservatory more comfortable this summer is to open your windows. Although it might seem counter-intuitive to let warm outside air in, increased ventilation will help to stop your conservatory getting stuffy and make it feel cooler.

Don’t let malfunctioning windows stop you enjoying your conservatory this summer. Have a search for the keys or get a conservatory professional in to resolve the issue to help you make the most of your space.

3. Choose furniture carefully

Having the right furniture can also make a big difference to how comfortable your conservatory is in summer.

Avoid leather or similar, imitation materials that heat up in the sun – no one wants to get roasted by their sofa or stuck to it in the heat.

It’s also a good idea to avoid metal furniture like tables and chairs – this can also heat up unexpectedly quickly in the sun.

4. Consider air con

Installing air conditioning is a fantastic way to increase ventilation in your conservatory if opening windows won’t cut it. Plus, you’ll be able to set it to make your room the ideal temperature for you.

Floor mounted split system air conditioning units are one of the best ways to introduce climate control into your conservatory. Easy to fit on external dwarf walls, they’re more efficient than portable units, and can provide compact and subtle air conditioning.

5. Get tinted glazing or window film

Changing your glazing can also help you make your conservatory comfortable in summer. Installing tinted or solar control glazing can help you reduce how much heat enters your conservatory while still letting the light through.

If you don’t want to commit to replacing your glazing, try applying window film to it instead. This is a special film that sticks to your window, reducing glare and heat transfer. It’s possible to DIY, but you might want to call in a professional if you’re not confident working at height.

6. Get a solid conservatory roof

Replacing your conservatory roof with a solid one may seem like drastic action, but it can really get results. It will massively increase your conservatory’s thermal efficiency, helping to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter.

Installing a solid conservatory roof can be done within a couple of days, so it won’t cause your home too much disruption. And if it means you can turn your unused conservatory into a comfortable extra space in your home, it could be 100% worth the investment.

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