4 Ways to Stop Condensation in your Conservatory


Condensation is a problem around the home for many of us. It forms when moisture builds up in the air and hits cool surfaces, such as windows.

Since conservatories are mostly made of glass, you might find that you have an issue with condensation in your conservatory.

Now that we’re more aware of the effects of fossil fuels on the environment, advances in technology mean that our conservatories are air and water tight. This is great for our energy bills and to stop us from getting wet, but it does mean there is less ventilation.

If you want to tackle condensation in your conservatory, you’ve got to find ways to get more ventilation. Read on to find out our top 4 tips to combat the problem.

1. Open your windows

The best thing you can do to tackle condensation is open your windows. If you have a bathroom or kitchen near or in your conservatory, make sure the windows are always open when you’re showering, washing up or cooking.

Steam will escape through the windows before it has time to cool and create moisture. This will stop you from getting mould on your walls and ceilings.

2. Make sure your window dressings don’t trap condensation

Of course you need blinds or curtains in your conservatory, but make sure that they allow for some air flow. If they don’t, they can trap moisture between the dressing and the window, causing condensation.

3. Install trickle vents

If you need new conservatory windows soon, consider installing windows with trickle vents as they help to increase air flow in and out of the area. It’s also a good idea to keep doors within your home open to let air circulate instead of trapping it in the conservatory.

4. Consider a dehumidifier

If you have a real condensation problem in your conservatory, it might be worth looking into buying a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a machine that draws moisture out of the air to stop it hitting the windows. Depending on the size unit you get, they can be expensive, but you can also hire them over the winter months when moisture can be a bigger problem.

If you need repairs done to help combat condensation in your conservatory, fill in our form below. We’ll put you in touch with up to 4 local companies who can give you a competitive quote.

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