Tips to heat your conservatory in the winter

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The conservatory is largely made up of glass. This has the wonderful benefits of allowing plenty of natural light in and giving you the chance to look out over your garden when relaxing.

However, the amount of glass can have its drawbacks too. Mainly because a lot of heat will be lost through the panes.

So to ensure your conservatory can still be used in the winter months it’s important to ensure you have adequate heating.

So let’s take a look at the options at your disposal:

Energy saving blinds

Curtains have never really cut it in the conservatory, with homeowners instead opting for fashionable, sleek and sophisticated blinds. So when you invest in your own conservatory blinds, make sure they have the energy efficiency standards you need.

With the right window blinds you can save hundreds of pounds on your heating be retaining up to 46% extra warmth in the conservatory.

And it’s not just for their heat retaining properties you should be considering blinds. With window blinds you can easily control your privacy, whilst blocking out the sun’s glare, giving you a relaxing environment throughout the year.

Separate the conservatory

Conservatories tend to be built at the back of the home, connecting to another room and leading onto the garden. By zoning off the conservatory though with an efficient door, you’ll cut the amount of space which needs to be kept heated. This means it’ll be quicker and more efficient to heat your conservatory, without wasting any of the warmth on areas you’re not using.

Underfloor heating

Of course, radiators remain the traditional way of heating the home and your conservatory may already have these installed. For those conservatories which don’t or where radiators wouldn’t really be an option, then we certainly recommend underfloor heating.

First of all, underfloor heating isn’t viable with wooden or laminated flooring because the heat can warp the wood, but if you have a tiled conservatory floor then you’re onto a winner. Obviously if you have tiled flooring you’ll know it can be rather cold, which is why underfloor heating works a treat.

A pipe system is installed beneath the floor which can be controlled with settings on a remote or fixed to the wall. As heat naturally rises, underfloor heating comfortably heats the whole conservatory from the ground up at an even distribution.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Experts say a conservatory will add over £9,000 to the value of your home, which is perfect in the current housing market.
  • With a conservatory you can have the extra space your family needs, without spending thousands of pounds on moving home.
  • There are a range of stunning designs and styles available for your dream conservatory, from traditional to contemporary appeals.
  • Conservatory window blinds will reduce your heating bills by up to 25%, retaining 46% extra warmth in the home.

Cheap conservatory options

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There are many homeowners around the UK looking to extend their home but worried about how much the project is likely to cost them. The truth is, there are opportunities to have a cheap conservatory whilst still benefitting from the extra space and light they offer.

If it’s extra space you’re looking for you don’t need to opt for a flash and expensive installation. By using cheap conservatory materials and a basic design you can get extra space and not have to worry about relocating.

Lean to conservatory
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When it comes to cheap conservatories, there is no other design to look at other than lean-to. And with the material you’ll be choosing uPVC. But don’t worry because you’re not investing in a flimsy installation that won’t hold up over time.

uPVC is a favourite in the construction industry, with excellent durability and strength, whilst also being available in a range of colours. If you consider a standard door installation and double glazed windows you’ll bring the conservatory cost down even more.

One useful tip is to avoid companies trying to up-sell. At every opportunity some conservatory contractors will try to persuade you into purchasing extras or to improve the design. Essentially it’s your decision and if you’re on a tight budget and seeking a cheap conservatory, you’ll know what is and isn’t affordable.

Cheap conservatories price comparison

A conservatory can be very cheap for those looking to stick to a tight budget. The following prices have been collected from a conservatory company on the above mentioned specifications.

Cheap Conservatories Cost Comparison

There are some extras you could consider which will add to the cheap conservatory cost such as:

  • Two manual ventilation inserts = Around £56
  • One manual roof ventilation insert = Around £91
  • Low-e double glazing = Between £209 and £279

These figures are only a representation though and by receiving competitive quotes from reputable conservatory companies, you may find costs cheaper or more expensive elsewhere. This is why comparing companies is recommended to the consumer by Which? who believe four quotes is the perfect amount to assess the market.

Effectively if you’re looking to have a cheap conservatory installation it’s going to come down to a number of factors. It’s not just the manufacture and installation that will bring up the cost but also the interior decoration and extras you choose to have.

Cheap conservatories are now a real possibility so even if you don’t have a huge budget to splash out on improving your home, you can still enter the market and benefit from extra space.

What’s essential is having a budget and sticking to it though. Don’t be led into committing to more than you’re willing to, have a clear mind-set on what you want and start making the most from extra space in your home.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Extending your home with a conservatory or orangery will add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.
  • An extension is preferred to moving home, because of the cost of estate agents fees, solicitor payments and stamp duty.
  • With dozens of styles and designs you can set your home apart from the crowd with a stunning conservatory.